Iceface Turmeric Face Mask for Oily Skin | Kaolin Clay & Fuller’s Earth 80G

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Hey, you! Yeah, that’s right! Listen up. Take your skin to a whole new level of cool with Ice Face (Ice cold, get it!?) Kaolin Clay Mask. This turmeric face mask with multani mitti aka fuller’s earth is packed with Turmeric – one of the most potent adaptogens (a natural choice for balanced response to stress for demands of modern life) which has been used in Ayurvedic rituals for centuries and help brighten the skin up no matter how sun-starved you are. 2% niacinamide takes care of major icky stuff like acne and breakouts, shrinks the pores and evens out skin tone without drying you out along with coconut milk powder.


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Our Kaolin clay mask contains Multani mitti – also known as fuller’s earth and is super cooling and soothing. Other chillier than ice ingredients include target-hitting salicylic acid for skin and pore-refining exfoliating action to target oily congested pores and won’t leave sore zits in its wake. Neem powder and kasthuri manjal are potent antioxidants for a multitude of benefits – clarifying, tightening pores and brightening the skin. We’ve also put in tea tree oil for skin that needs a little extra TLC. So put on a good face: take all the benefits of an experienced facialist right from the comfort (and convenience) of your home — no appointment necessary. Try our face mask with turmeric for clear skin.

So if you have oily skin and are looking for a clay face mask, look no further. Get revitalized with one of the best turmeric face masks! Sounds amazing right? What are you waiting for? Order this turmeric face mask for glowing skin now.

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