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HUSH Ultrasonic Vaporiser & Essential Oil Kit by Snotty Noses is a new, complete health and sleep solution for all ages.


DESIGNED AND ENDORSED by Australian Sleep Consultants and Paediatric Specialists.

GOOD SLEEP is the No. 1 way to boost immunity, mood and brain function.

What’s In the Hush Kit?

– 1 x Ultrasonic 24 Hour Cool Mist Vaporiser (Inbuilt Sounds, Light, Speaker)

– 1 x15ml Certified Organic Essential Oil Blend (picked randomly):  Sniffle Season or Winter Wellness (for congestion). Sweet Slumber or Calm Cocoon (for sleep and relaxation).

– 2 Decorative Covers – Cloud and Swish in Timber and Black

– 1 x Remote Control

The Hush Ultrasonic Vaporisers are:

– Long-running, cool mist vaporiser – stylish timber and white design.

– Energy efficient, electric power

– 300ml of water creates 12 hours constant mist/30 hours intermittent mist

– Compact Design (24cm high/18cm diameter)

– Aromatherapy

– Red Light/Mood Lights

– Built-In Sound

– Bluetooth Speaker

– Remote control (2 x AA)

– 2 x Timber and Black covers – to suit every room in the house

– Personalise Covers with your Child’s Name (Use Whiteboard Marker)

– Mist/Light/Sound features work independently – use all features or customise to suit


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