Botanical Rose Tealight Candles I Pack of 6


Indulge and relax with our set of 6 Botanical Rose Tealight Candles!

Perfect for a moment of relaxation- whether you’re reading a book or having a bath.

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Our Rose Tealight Candles are a wonderful aesthetic for the home and provide a warm glow when lit.

Indulge and relax with our set of 6 Botanical Rose Tealight Candles.

Our candles contain soy wax and we use cotton wicks. Soy wax has a slower burn time compared to other waxes, so you can enjoy your candle for longer and get more burn time for your money!

A hint of rose fragrance and rose petals are added. This is good for anyone who is sensitive to strong fragrance, as these candles are only lightly fragranced.

Candles are 2cm high and 3.9cm wide.

Notes on the botanical tealight candles:

– Keep away from the sun as it may cause discolouration
– Non toxic
– Tealight cups are made from recyclable polycarbonate
– Cups stay cooler- safe to touch
– Candle burning time is approximately 4 hours
– Trim wick to 5mm before each use
– Do not burn candle more than 2-3 hours at a time

Safety and warning labels are underneath the candle.


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