Affirmation Cards for Self Love

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Rediscover your beautiful self

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This pack of 18 affirmation cards helps you get rid of negative thought patterns that keep you from loving yourself. Artfully and lovingly designed, these cards hold simple yet powerful messages that will help you break through the illusions of low self-worth and get you in touch with your irreplaceable value and incomparable beauty.  

Scientifically proven.  
Positive affirmations are proven by neuroscientific research to activate the part of your brain that handles positive self-image.  

Simple and effective. 
It might seem almost too easy. But these little affirmation cards will make big changes in the way you see yourself.  

Self-love is just the start. 
Once you reconnect with your gorgeous self, you’ll start to attract people, things and events that reflect your positive self-image.  

Fall in love with the true you.  
Using these affirmation cards is easy! Every morning or night, simply go through the cards and read them out loud. Pick a card of the day and practice saying it as you go about your day. Or place them around the house as little reminders.  

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