Sachi Insulated Crew Lunch Bag


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Delight your child with the super fun and practical Sachi Insulated Crew Lunch Bag with Bottle Holder.This fashionable bag, with a funky and modern design, is leak-proof, can be used to transport warm or cold food and drinks, while being easy to clean.

To keep food or drinks cooler for longer, use an ice pack or ice substitute, which will function better than ice cubes, without the mess.

Pack the bag as full as possible with items of similar temperature – the colder the items are at the time of packing, the longer they will stay cold. Place ice packs at the top of the contents as cold air flows down. Minimise opening and closing the bag to keep cool air in and warm air out.

  • Leak-proof lining.
  • Features external drink bottle mesh pocket.
  • Internal mesh pocket included for organisation.
  • Keeps food cool for longer.
  • Made from FDA food-grade materials without BPA.
  • Helps reduce single use plastics.
  • Use an ice pack for ultimate cooling of contents.

Do not place warm or hot dishes directly from the oven or microwave into the bag. Do not place the bag in the oven, microwave, washing machine, dryer or dishwasher. Do not use chlorine bleach for cleaning. Handwash only.

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